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Museum Experiences in Hedmark

Anno is made up of small and large museums all over the County of Hedmark —from local village open-air museums to museums of national and international importance. We offer experiences that touch you, and our 23 venues disseminate a wide range of cultural and natural history.

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Our vision "Knowledge of the past—involvement in the present" is our guiding star. Altogether, the museum's outdoor areas encompass the country's largest open-air museum and include the largest collection of antiquarian buildings in Norway. Close to 230 000 people visit our museums each year.

The museum represents 128 man-years and has a collection of approx. 170 000 objects, 500 cultural- historical buildings and 4.3 million photographs, of which many are in the Digital Museum

The museum is organized as a limited liability company, where Hedmark county municipality is the largest single shareholder with 35% of the shares, while museum department corporate trusts and municipalities hold interests of varying sizes.