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Privacy Statement and Cookies

The Use of Cookies on Anno’s Website

Anno’s websites use “cookies”. Cookies are used to collect information anonymously for web and user statistics, etc.

The information we collect will be used to understand and improve our services.

We use Google Analytics to analyse the use of Anno’s websites. We record information about which pages are visited, where users are coming from, when our pages are visited, which platforms and devices are most commonly used, etc.

Anno uses third-party solutions for sharing content with social media. We also use the Facebook pixel to measure and optimise advertising campaigns.

By visiting and making use of the Anno websites, you consent to such use.

General Information About Cookies

Most modern websites use cookies. A cookie is a text file that is placed in your browser's internal memory. You can choose to allow this or not, and you can delete the cookie whenever you want to. The cookie will only be installed on the browser on the device you are using to visit our website.

Privacy declaration and cookies

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